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"The registration fee is ten gold coins, and you will get ten gold coins in total for a win." The staff charged Tang San and the other two. Because they have already registered for the level, they only need to show their Iron Fighting Spirit badge, and there is no need to fill in anything. "Please give your group a name." Name? Tang San and Xiao Wu glanced at each other, and then they realized that in a two-on-two team battle, they all need to give their combination a name to facilitate the introduction by the host of the Arena.Tang San thought for a while, and said, "Let's call it Sanwu Combination." He took the names of himself and Xiao Wu separately, anyway, it didn't make much sense. "Okay, the three-five combination has been registered." Tang San and Xiao Wu's Iron Fighting Soul badge had a line of four-character engraving on it, with the three-five combination engraved on it. However, it should be danced but carved into five. "Hey, this word is wrong, it's Wu, not Wu." Xiao Wu said dissatisfied.