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The staff member said coldly: "Who told you to not make it clear. If you want to change the name of the combination, you need to re-register the Iron Fighting Soul badge to change it. At the same time, all the achievements that have been obtained will be erased." Xiao Wu is preparing to attack. At the time, Dai Mubai's voice suddenly came, "Xiao Wu, your one-on-one soul fight is about to begin. Come here." Tang San patted Xiao Wu on the shoulder, and said, "Forget it, three-five combination. It's just a combination of three and five, it's just a name anyway." Xiao Wu made a face at the staff member, and then ran towards the one-on-one spirit fighting area.One-on-one matchups in the soul-fighting area are based on draws. In the process of other soul masters fighting souls, the waiting soul masters can choose to watch the battle or choose to rest. Each area of ​​the sub-fighting soul field has a place for participating soul masters to watch the battle.