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With a flick of her long legs, she sends her body off the ground, and kicks Qingbao's neck with one kick.Defense is one of the most powerful abilities of a power spirit master. Seeing Xiao Wu kicking at him lightly, the simple and honest Qingbao didn't dodge, and his speed couldn't dodge at all. He thought to himself, this little The girl was ignorant, so she came to participate in the soul fight at such a young age and asked her to fight a few times. When she was tired, she would naturally go down.However, Qingbao only had time to raise this thought in his heart. The next moment, this battle of souls was over. Xiao Wu kicked Qingbao’s stout neck with a lighter force than Qingbao imagined. After she kicked it up, her toes did not bounce off and instead caught Qingbao’s neck. At the same time, Her other foot also lifted up and stomped on Qingbao's solid chest.Pink rays of light rushed out, and two bright yellow halos appeared on Xiao Wu. At this moment, she used the spirit ring to prove her identity as a great spirit master to all the audience.