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It is very close to the fighting spirit stage. Xiao Wu was the first of the five of Tang San to play, and Tang San and others naturally chose to watch the battle. Under the leadership of the staff, they came to a special area on the side of the arena under the audience stage, just to see the whole scene of the arena. Although it is a sub-fighting spirit platform, the area is still not small, with a diameter of 20 meters, and there is enough space for the spirit masters to perform. It is a pity that there are not many spectators next to the one-on-one soul fighting platform in the fourteenth soul fighting arena, only about one-fifth of the number of people sitting.On the fighting stage, a middle-aged man wearing a tuxedo was standing in the center at this time. He cleared his throat and said loudly: "Next, we will conduct the first game of one-on-one soul fighting in the Fourteen Soul Arena.