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Needless to say, this is a power-type war spirit master, and belongs to the same type as Fudo Ming Wang Zao Wou-ki.Ma Hongjun sat next to Tang San and whispered: "This big guy seems to have good power, can your Xiao Wu do it?" Tang San smiled lightly, and said, "You wait and see. Xiao Wu's spirit skills are more afraid of power. Type spirit master, but if the opponent's power far exceeds her. At the same level, the strength type soul master will only be a Xiao Wu with a childish and excited expression before her. Has also jumped onto the stage. The white coat, pink trousers, the figure is obviously not very developed, and the beautiful face full of childishness, immediately attracted the attention of many viewers."How old is this little girl? What did the host just say? She is a great soul master? This is impossible." Similar doubts continued to sound from the stands. The audience has always sympathized with the weak, plus Xiao Wu's selling The phase was much better than the Iron Horn Bull Soul Master on the opposite side, and immediately received the support of most spectators.